The most advanced technology

Founded in 1979, the Formenti boatyard has a long tradition and meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing infl atable rubber boats.Today the ZAR range of boats by Formenti is sold in all major European markets. The company growth and the success of its product are the result of a precise strategy focused on quality rather than quantity, investments in R & D, the use of the best aterials, advanced technology and a modern, well-organized production facility. All workplaces are air-conditioned. Developed and improved over the years, the company’s quality system was awarded ISO 9002 certifi cation by the Italian Mercantile Registry. The most advanced IT together with a powerful, refi ned 3D software have been introduced in the years 2000. Today, the entire range of prototypes, of the moulds, of full size and on scale models is produced by CNC (computer numerical control) machines, which guarantee the sharpest precision.

All ZAR inflatables are the result of an independent project and a balance between components that offer the most efficient product in their market range. These boats are synonymous with adaptability and versatility and stand out in the global market for their elements of navigation, comfort, and construction quality.

High-quality standard equipment

Managing a ZAR rubber boat provides the pleasure of sailing and owning an avant-garde vessel. Due to the absence of tubular elements and the displacement of the stern part towards the rear end, all ZAR models are equipped with a hull significantly longer than all other traditional RIB vessels of the same overall length. The absence of tubular elements on the bow (international patent) made it possible to build hulls with a very deep V-shape and obtain models that behave extremely well in all sailing conditions. Side tunnels (another patent) increase buoyancy at high speeds, making sailing more comfortable in all sea conditions. The long-term experience of the ZAR Formenti shipyard with building rubber boats guarantees an unimaginable use of your free time with an extraordinary combination of lastingness, quality and durability.

The high quality of standard equipment, a well-known feature of the Sport Luxury Line, guarantees the quality of life on board and adds value to it, which has always been a priority for ZAR.



IMAGINE 130 is the flagship of the ZAR Formenti fleet, it combines a unique and innovative design with Italian construction quality of the Shipyard, a synthesis of emotions combined with an exclusive ZAR hull, renowned for its quality and durability. IMAGINE 130 offers unprecedented style, design, speed and comfort. Designed for those who want to experience a day or an entire holiday permeated with emotions but also with exclusive relaxation.



After the success achieved in the ZAR TENDER series, which presented stylistic innovations and cutting-edge technology that defined the new tender concept, Zar Formenti decided to enrich the Zar Classic series with the new Sport Luxury line, in which the market presents an assortment of carefully and equipped products. The design of the ZAR SL series is focused on light beams, completely unexpected shapes and surfaces, yet breathes harmony in parallel lines. As with all ZAR models, the ZAR 95 SL is available in a variety of colors, notably white, black, light or dark grey, and the cushions are also available in different colours. It is ZAR, it cannot be otherwise.



The new ZAR 79 SL PLUS follows in the footsteps marked by the new Sport Luxury line. The design is inspired by the flagship ZAR 85 SL and, as with all boats by ZAR, it is built with an enormous amount of attention to the materials and fine detail. Thanks to the proven hull, the new ZAR 79 SL combines excellent sea keeping and internal space with modern design to create a sleek and stylish craft.