The name “Marex” combines the two Latin words: "mare", which stands for the “sea”, and “rex”, which means “king”.

The mission of Marex is straightforward – to be the best producer of 30 to 50- feet family boats. In Marex, we believe that design is more than just aesthetics. It should be both stylish and functional. That’s why we are obsessed with the practicality which gives a more comfortable onboard stay. It is the key to expanding the possibilities on water and exploiting all boating benefits. We’ve achieved a lot, but we stay committed to our goal: create boats that offer a perfect family boating experience in every single detail.


Scandinavian way of boating

It is not a secret that the changeable Scandinavian weather and rather a short season create certain difficulties for boating in these regions. Therefore, that became a good push for us to create a flexible solution and extend the summer season in Northern areas (using a heater) or make boating more comfortable in warm climates (with AC).

Why does our Smart Canopy system work?

The Marex Smart Canopy system results from our real-life boating experience and needs. We developed our system as standard canopies don’t propose the same flexibility and easy-in-use solutions. Then, we tested and perfected it. A few generations of the Smart Canopy already exist, which is getting even better and simpler.

Safety and Security

Safety and the feeling of security dictate all decisions on our boats. The protective rails are raised to a sufficient height for no one can inadvertently fall overboard and feel confident through tough sea conditions.
If you need to prepare fenders and ropes, your family can still feel safe moving around during cruising and getting the boat ready for the mooring. We created walkways wide enough to move comfortably from bow to stern without feeling constrained. Our additional handgrips do not disturb the exterior design but have a crucial safety function.

Inspired by real-life experience

We know how important it is to have its own space for every single item onboard. All Marex boats have special storage for fenders and ropes, big compartments for oversized stuff and drawers for valuable little things. Spacious fridges, freezers and boxes for food and drinks are essential in our kitchen layouts. It’s never too much. We use every meter on board to create more useful holders and lockers under the sofas, stairs, beds, etc.

Passion for excellence

A home feeling onboard is the key to a happy boating experience. In Marex, we design kitchen space with all modern appliances and many drawers for food storage. Most of our bathrooms have full-height standing separate shower cabins.

Easy to maintain

When it comes to design and style, Marex never forgets the practicality of materials, which play a huge role in the upcoming maintenance of the boat. We use a lot of water-resistant Alcantara, which dries very fast. It is also UV-resistant, allowing us to use it widely as an outside material and not be afraid of fading colours with time.
Also, we reduce the use of natural teak. We replaced it with synthetic teak, or steamed wood, which does not fear salted water, oils or aggressive sun.

Naval architecture

Over the decades, Marex has improved and developed its own planning hull, designed for efficiency, excellent manoeuvrability, safety and comfort. We combine classic Norwegian craftsmanship and experience with modern achievement to reach excellent performance characteristics. The experience of working together with other groups like VOM Creation, Alpha Group, and Nikl Design lifts us even further.

Listen to the customer's voice

Over 50 years has indeed brought Marex Boats a significant experience. All this time, the feedback from our customers has been implemented in the design and functionality. We have put a lot of effort into considerable resources to create smart solutions that increase comfort and ease of use. We believe that our mission is to make life on board easier by creating all systems user-friendly. The family is the crew, and if the crew is happy, the family is happy.

Perfection through practical experience

We make boats for experienced boaters with advanced expectations and interests in functional solutions. It is not just aesthetic design. We face the same challenges as our clients, and it’s easier to predict some wishes as we use our boats ourselves. We can understand what families need on board even when they are unsure of what they seek. Every aspect of the boat goes through the evaluation and improvement process.

Passion for boating

Our yachts can meet different weather and fit a wide range of purposes. Family trips, weekends with friends or finishing adventures will be possible because of modular spaces, smart design solutions and ergonomics. For Marex, it’s always a challenge to implement and combine many features in a model, but we are dedicated to our end product and have been rewarded for it.

A home-like feeling

Each model of Marex Boats comes with new reasonable solutions, layouts, and a goal to design more dynamic lines. The most important is to create a higher level of ergonomics and comfort and create optimised volumes with a comfortable space. The days of small beds and cramped bathrooms are over. Today’s clients wish for more spacious showers, a lot of natural light, and comfort in the galley and salon. That gives the feeling of being at home.



With the ability to sleep up to 6 guests (with extra berths), the Marex 375 is the perfect family cruiser. It has a great mix of indoor and outdoor spaces for those who want to comfortably spend a long weekend on the water. With a focus on unsable space, the Marex 375 offers two large dinig areas. Make yourself comfortable with up to 8 friends and family in the open cockpit or closed salon. Both the cockpit and salon tables are transformable and can easily be expanded. Also, the reversible co-pilot seat can quickly add another seating option for the dining table. An elegant helm provides the quintessential Marex experience. Adjust the wheel for standing or sitting driving style, or regulate your seat position by means of bolster support.



The 310 Sun Cruiser is designed to deliver the ideal combination of comfort and space for families and friends. It is the perfect Cabin Cruiser for 4 guests with the possibility to host up to 2 extra persons. The 310 Sun Cruiser features a spacious combined cockpit/salon area. Along with a dining table and extensive wrap-around seating, let you enjoy cruising with a company of up to 10 people. You can lower the dining table and easily convert the benches into a perfect sunbathing or extra sleeping place. Join the captain during cruising thanks to the forward-facing co-pilot seating.



The 330 Scandinavia combines excellent performance with a focus on space. Being our most innovative boat yet, the 330 Scandinavia is full of pleasant surprises and smart solutions that guarantees an extraordinary experience on the water. At 9,99 meters length, the 330 Scandinavia feature spacious outside and inside sitting areas. A sliding door between the cockpit and salon makes the boat suitable for various social settings and an absolute pleasure to cruise. The 330 Scandinavia features Marex new advanced Canopy Solution that is even s-impler. The updated single-mount system allows the quick fastening of the cockpit canopy. The side curtains and roofs can be entirely closed in less than a minute. This user-friendly innovation helps to extend the summer season in Northern areas (using a heater) or makes boating more comfortable in warm climates (with AC). Increase you cruising enjoyment and get closer to the sea by having a fresh breeze courtesy of an opening hardtop in the salon.



The Marex 360 СС is an open cabin cruiser that features one of the largest convertible cockpits in its class. It’s the perfect place for sunbathing, sharing a meal, or having a party in the evening. Whatever social activity you choose, the 360 CC is there to be enjoyed by your family and friends. The luxurious cockpit is spacious as well as well as comfortable, and there's room for up to 10 pepole. The U-shaped sofa/table combination can be converted into two extra berths for sleeping or used as a solariu during the day. It's truly the perfect place to entertain your family. The 360 CC features excellent, skipper-friendly ergonomics, and all the instrumentation and swichgear are close to hand on the dashboard. Two chartpotters with anti-reflective finishes guarantee a safe cruising adventure while providing a modern look to the helm. A triple co-pilot seating arrangment allows guests to enjoy the captain's view while cruising.



The Marex 440 is a new generation of cruisers with stunning design lines and innovative ideas. With a main focus on ergonomics, comfort and safety for the whole family, the new cruiser will impress you with practical onboard solutions. Discover the new dynamic exterior of the Marex 440 with its elogated side portholes, high cockpit bulwarks, large-scale glazing in the superstructure and rounded aft lines. Gather up to 8-10 guests at the U-shaped sofa for lunch, or lower the table and convert the cockpit into a sunpad or sleeping berth. Increase the seating area with an additional sofa, or order a multifunctional BBQ space with a grill, refrigerator and icemaker.