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Plovila izložena ispod su odmah dostupna plovila. Kontaktirajte nas što ranije kako bismo mogli da vam napravimo ponudu kreiranu za Vas i opremimo vas za nadolazeću sezonu sa najagilnijim i najpouzdanijim plovilima koje možete naći na našim tržištima.


Sterk Yachts

STERK 31 impresses with Mediterranean-inspired design, state-of-the-art technology, and perfect functionality. Of the three models available, the STERK 31 RC was the first one introduced. The wet-bar version and the cabin version followed in 2023. The boat exudes magnificence: a super sports hull shape, a focused driving cockpit, a large 530-liter (140 US Gal) fuel tank, two spacious sun loungers, and an extra-large T-top are just a few of the many unique features you will enjoy. Fine details such as our hull and deck bonding method with invisible seams highlight STERK exclusivity and luxury engineering. With up to 600 HP, the drive-by-wire interface ensures simple, precise transmission and control of powerful, sporty performance. Manufactured in Germany.

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Zar 79SL

The new ZAR 79 SL PLUS follows in the footsteps marked by the new Sport Luxury line. The design is inspired by the flagship ZAR 85 SL and, as with all boats by ZAR, it is built with an enormous amount of attention to the materials and fine detail. Thanks to the proven hull, the new ZAR 79 SL combines excellent sea keeping and internal space with modern design to create a sleek and stylish craft.


Zar 57 Welldeck

The ZAR 57 Well-Deck rose from the glorious ashes of the ZAR 57 Twin, the ancestor of all the ZARs. Fifteen years of experience are concentrated in this new model, which offers a well-deck with unusual space, functionality and usability. Enhanced by numerous accessories such as very comfortable side pockets and about 160-liter fuel tank under the deck, preparation for an electric anchor winch and triple-function driver’s seat, the ZAR 57 Well-Deck has a new, very personal design that emphasizes and accompanies the thrust and dynamic equilibrium of its every element. As if that were not enough, the new 57 has a longer, higher-performance hull than its celebrated predecessor, the winner of many Italian races thanks precisely to its exceptional hull lines.



Poznat i najbolji. Legendarni 6,5 m/21ft čamac na naduvavanje sa čvrstim trupom i motorom od 200KS. Dokazan vremenom i stotinama zadovoljnih kupaca širom svijeta, G650 je RIB sa centralnom konzolom srednje veličine, dizajniran s funkcionalnošću na umu. Prostran, efikasan i bogat opcijama kao što su velika pramčana i krmena sunčališta, set za slatku vodu i drugo, to je odličan polukruti čamac koji je postao naš najbolji model čamca na naduvavanje svih vremena za opuštajuću porodičnu rekreativnu upotrebu. Pogledajte pouzdanost provjerenu vremenom i luksuznu udobnost.

Hvala našim kupcima na ukazanom povjerenju i lojalnosti koja nam omogućava da rastemo i unaprijeđujemo naše usluge. Vaša podrška nam mnogo znači i trudićemo se da uvijek ispunimo vaša očekivanja i opravdamo vaše povjerenje.


Zar Imagine 130

IMAGINE 130 is the flagship of the ZAR Formenti fleet, it combines a unique and innovative design with Italian construction quality of the Shipyard, a synthesis of emotions combined with an exclusive ZAR hull, renowned for its quality and durability. IMAGINE 130 offers unprecedented style, design, speed and comfort. Designed for those who want to experience a day or an entire holiday permeated with emotions but also with exclusive relaxation.


Zar 95SL

After the success achieved in the ZAR TENDER series, which presented stylistic innovations and cutting-edge technology that defined the new tender concept, Zar Formenti decided to enrich the Zar Classic series with the new Sport Luxury line, in which the market presents an assortment of carefully and equipped products. The design of the ZAR SL series is focused on light beams, completely unexpected shapes and surfaces, yet breathes harmony in parallel lines. As with all ZAR models, the ZAR 95 SL is available in a variety of colors, notably white, black, light or dark grey, and the cushions are also available in different colours. It is ZAR, it cannot be otherwise.


Zar 53

It is the ZAR of records: (comfortable 8 front running seats, a double double bed, 8 peaks to stow goods and a range of unique combinations seats/sun bathing bed/bed/table. This boat has revolutionised the concept of the rubber dinghies, in only 5.35 meters it withholds all the innovations introduced by “ZAR project”. Ideal for the family, that can enjoy wonderful autonomous nautical camping days (and nights); ZAR 53 is excellent for all purposes. It bears high-rank motors (140 HP) and offers remarkable performance, or moderate ones (70 HP) without disadvantages for pleasant sailing. It transports 10 persons, it has about 130 litres of fuel capacity and about 60 litres of water capacity under the walk fl oor without diminishing the passengers and peaks space. Everything has been planned and built for maximum comfort. The hull is deep and long as much as the one of many bigger boats, it offers soft sailing on the waves, stable tacking and agility, all qualities that are unique in its category (and in the ones above). The line elegance and the practical design make ZAR 53 a unique rubber boat all over the world.


Zar 65

The ZAR 65 is big, spacious and comfortable: a real flagship! It is the best interpretation of the philosophy that gave birth to the ZAR dynasty. Places and volumes at will without any waste. Everything is functional, thought and built with precise goals. The eight/nine forward running seats was been conceived to give the maximum possible comfort; the seats are made according with the best ergonomic modern studies like in the most prestigious limousines. Born for the comfort and to enjoy the navigation and the open air life, the ZAR 65 is also able to give special performances emotions to all its lucky owners. The ZAR 65 is fast and safe, soft on the waves, manageable and nimble also in the worst see conditions, because of a very deep and long hull, unthinkable in a 6,5 mt. R.I.B. The ZAR 65 is also fantastic wen You ask the entire maximum possible place to enjoy the sun and the sea. Two huge front and back sun beds, a comfortable front dinette with table, many many peaks and enough place for easy life on board.


Zar 59SL

The new ZAR 59SL is finally arrived. Second-born of the Sport Luxury line, a new series, however unchanged, that brings together all of the winning features that have led ZAR to be the point of reference in the world of Rigid Inflatable Boats. It still maintains the great qualities of habitability, comfort, design and the special quality of navigation due to the unique ZAR hull design. The design of this new series, while remaining on the track marked by all emblazoned ZARs, rushes towards rays of light, unexpected angles and cuts surfaces which create harmony in the parallel difformity of the lines. The ZAR 59 SPORT LUXURY: a medium / large boat to discover that move forward the concept of RIBs with attractive and innovative design and technology, top level features, high class finishing, and an enormous amount of attention to details, quality and construction. It’s a ZAR, it could not be otherwise…

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