With over two decades in the marine business, the passion it all has begun with, has transformed into the highest quality standards of our own. From the materials we use to its processing and finishing. From style and design aspects to compliance with international safety standards. From boat distribution to aftercare service. Today, at Grand Inflatable Boats we merge experienced craftsmanship and personal approach with contemporary techniques in production and modern strategy in boatbuilding. We continually expand our product range, improve and update the existing models and innovate the production with new technologies and extensive R&D.

While exterior designers create functional ergonomics and distinctive style, design engineers with technical production support ensure structure, integrity and execution. Utilizing the most advanced software and testing our boats on water themselves, our team of the best marine engineers and designers brings every Grand RIB model to perfection, verifying it in practice.

Advanced technologies

We effectively incorporate skilled craftsmanship and machine precision. Advanced technologies and tools grant us extreme accuracy in fabric cutting, fewer emissions from fiberglass molding and a variety of forms in boatbuilding. In the meantime, experienced staff finish the boat, do difficult detailing, precious finishing and put it all together, ensuring the quality and a unique and exclusive touch of every Grand RIB.

Before the release, a new RIB model is certified by ISO International Standards and comes in compliance with CE, UKCA, USSG and EPA requirements. All our inflatable RIBs undergo strict quality control checks at every production stage. The hull, fiberglass parts and accessories, inflatable tubes, st/st metal and even the cushions are all inspected thoroughly one by one. Finally, a complete boat is inspected again as a whole.

Grand Boats


The main feature that makes D600 so special and unique is modularity. Simple and big open deck allows us to easily transform the boat in three different by the terms of use modifications — LUX, ACTIVE and DRIVE. With all the same bottom hull at all three versions the performance remains of the same top quality. The same sightly and handy steering console and deck provide the immutability of the whole boat style. The basic design and structure principles are ready to cover all kinds of water activities – adrenaline ride, wakeboarding, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, parting and relaxing.



The Golden Line G750 offers plenty of performance with space and luxury while retaining the extraordinary sea keeping qualities inherent in the class. This new 7.5 meter design fits neatly between GRAND’s highly successful G650 and G850 Cruisers whilst introducing some exciting new design ideas and features. Based on GRAND’s proven High Step Deep-V Hull design this RIB not only meets the requirements for CE category B certification it also provides the optimum balance between a high-performance craft and a sumptuously appointed contemporary family boat.

Grand Boats


Due to it’s exceptional seaworthiness the G850 has been awarded CE category B (offshore) status. It is the first GRAND boat to be awarded this sought after Design Category. This, combined with the built in 300 liter fuel tank means that longer trips can now be planned without worrying about running low on fuel or unwelcome changes in weather conditions.